The Hawaii HIDTA Investigative Support Center (ISC) consists of four intelligence and information-sharing initiatives that furnish intelligence support (tactical, operational and strategic), deconfliction services (event and case/subject), and information collection and dissemination services for each of the designated Hawaii HIDTA enforcement initiatives and all Hawaii HIDTA participating law enforcement agencies statewide. This effort is accomplished via access to nation-wide information systems and resources; resulting in the production of quality analytical products that contribute to the success of investigative efforts within the Hawaii HIDTA area of responsibility.

The four ISC components are:

  • Hawaii HIDTA ISC Intelligence Group
  • Western States Information Network (WSIN)
  • Hawaii State Fusion Center
  • Hawaii Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) Initiative

In addition, the Hawaii HIDTA ISC provides strategic support to the Hawaii HIDTA Executive Board and the Hawaii HIDTA Director’s office annually through the research, compilation and publication of the Hawaii HIDTA Threat Assessment, Hawaii HIDTA Annual Report and Hawaii HIDTA Strategy Report.