The mission of the Hawaii HIDTA is to reduce drug trafficking in Hawaii through the collective efforts of our Federal, State and Local law enforcement entities. The mission to disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking organizations will impact the effects of illicit drugs and drug abuse in Hawaii. This will be accomplished through information sharing and the use of multi-jurisdictional (Federal, State and Local), collocated and commingled law enforcement initiatives dedicated to eliminate major drug trafficking and money laundering organizations. The ocean waters that separate our Hawaiian Islands shall not impede our efforts to work together. The Hawaii HIDTA membership is unified through the spirit of Aloha.


The Hawaii HIDTA program envisions a combined cultural and regional counter-drug effort that not only improves coordination and effectiveness among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, but also embraces citizen stakeholders in education, prevention, healthcare, and public leadership in order to provide an inclusive community action plan and response to the harmful consequences of drug traffickers in our neighborhoods.